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A small, hand-made scribble saying: "writing" and in black and red it says: "VIDEO??"
A small, hand-made scribble
A piece of masking tape that appears to paste the image of Ant to the page.
A piece of masking tape that appears to paste the image of Ant to the page.
A handrawn image of a stickman with a speech bubble saying: "i'm yelling beacuse i am shy" with lots of exclamation marks
A piece of torn cardboard, showing it's tears and edges. It has text on top of it as if it's on the cardboard itself.

I am a neurodivergent, queer multidisciplinary artist.

If there's a form, I will queer it.

I perform poetry, comedy, live art, theatre & music.

I write, I film & edit videos, I facilitate workshops, & I consult on accessibility for organisations, event teams, and productions.

I believe strongly in making work that is loudly imperfect, embraces failure, and is heavily invested in the liveness between performer and audience.

I strive to make work that never compromises the truth and is always as accessible as possible. Accessibility is a huge factor in the work I create- there's enough exclusionary art in the world and I firmly believe we can do better. I am passionate about shaking up the standards that are creating inaccessible worlds for artists and audiences alike.

My practice often centers itself around identity; the selves we present and how external factors can influence and distort them. I always look to make work that people can find themselves in. I love interrogating difficult, sticky themes using comedy as a way to create accessible, endearing, and relatable work.

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